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The Fair Face of Flanders

Flanders has its own, indivudual face. A 'fair face' which Patricia Carson describes in an accurate and lively way in this book.
She describes Flanders from the point of view of a British historian, differently from the way in which it is handled in traditional text-books.
Patricia carson combines a story-teller's fascinating style with deeply rooted knowledge and her own vision. For many thousends of people it has been the gateway to understanding Flanders. You cannot go out and visit Flanders and the Flemings without knowing their history.
The author became very well-known because of ' The Fair Face of Flanders'. The first edition of this impressive portrait of her second homeland appeared in 1969.
The book was translated into four languages. It became a best-seller for whichin 1977 she received the Eugène Baie Prize. This newly revised edition is illustrated with numerous engravings, illustrating Flanders' rich history.
Patricia carson was born in England. She studied history at the university of London. Since her marriage to Prof.RC. Van Caenegem she has lived in Afsnee, a village near Ghent.

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