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PANTONE Fashion & Home Cotton Planner + 210 new colors

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PANTONE® Fashion Home + Interiors
Cotton Planner + 210 new colors

2,310 with 210 new market-driven fashion, home and interior colors in a single, convenient desktop volume.

Our popular Cotton Planner features the complete PANTONE FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS Color System in a new chromatic arrangement designed for quick color decisions and easy color lookup.

Cotton Planner's value price and handy size make it the right choice for entry-level design or as a quick-reference companion to our larger format cotton products.

The ideal space-saving solution for

  • Small teams
  • Freelancers 
  • Small studios 
  • Satellite offices
  • All 2,100 + 210 new trend-relevant FASHION, HOME + INTERIORS colors in a single convenient volume
  • 1,6 x 1,6 cm chips in 100% cotton, numerically referenced with fashion+home color numbers
  • Chromatic arrangement - all 210 new colors added in 2015 are now integrated into the chromatic flow, for intuitive selection and easy reference among other PANTONE® F,H+I products
  • Provides a fast and efficient guide for ordering full-size color swatch card standards - saves time and costly mistakes
  • Includes COLOR MANAGER Software download enabling digital design with all PANTONE® color libraries
  • Provides the most accurate and effective way to communicate and specify color choices to clients and manufacturers
  • Supported by a worldwide network of suppliers and technical assistance
Rely on Pantone’s 50 years of color industry expertise to improve your color management process from inspiration to product realization.  

Extras: Includes PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software download enabling digital design with all PANTONE Color libraries  

Prix 1 exemplaire = € 855.00

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